Melting this list [was: Invit...Supper Sun, Feb 23
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 08:04:53 -0800 (PST)
This is a reply to Lynn's message
[Hopework] Invitation: Hopework Supper and Circle, Sunday, Feb 23, 4-7 PM

The Hopework mailing list by which you got Lynn's and this message
goes to about 185 email addresses.  Lynn's apartment holds about 12
people for Supper and Circles.  Over time many more than 12 people have
attended as indicated by names on the reuseable name tags kept in a
basket. But I'm guessing most of the 185 people that could read this
have not gotten to a circle (yet).

This message is an attempt to "melt" this list a bit and try to get a
bit of circle like conversation to flow. It would be particularly nice
if some folks who have not gotten to a supper would write a few lines.

In case you've never gotten to a Hopework Supper, they are very
friendly, informal, home-like events.  If numbers allow (usually?)
everyone gathers around one table of a size that one conversation can
be conducted.  My impression is that unlike most informal gatherings,
Hopework suppers tend have more "most/everyone in one conversation"
time (not counting the circle which of course is) rather than
conversations between 2 or a few people.

The circle conversation held after supper is a very respectful (as
circles tend to be) sharing of a wide variety of personal experience
related (sometimes quite loosely) to a theme. A key feature of circles
is that one person talks with no interruptions often for an extended
period. When they are done the next person in the circle talks (they
can pass and take their turn after others).

This month's theme is "melting" :
On Mon, 17 Feb 2014, Lynn Englund wrote:

>This month's topic is on the image of "melting" and how it
>can be used to describe parts of our lives. Icicles melt drop by drop
>in the sun, glaciers melt more slowly with rivers flowing deep below
>the surface before surface change is visible. Dig back in your memory
>and find a story of a time of melting. Was the melting from the
>outside first, like an icicle, or a slower and deeper shift? Was
>something freed when the ice thawed? Did anything flow with the ice

Conversation flowing (melting) vs lack thereof (frozen)

For me I note that situations that could host rewarding conversation
do not always do so. I find that when I am in mingling social
situations, for example at social hour at the Unitarian Society,
sometimes I run out of time talking to people for me -- conversation
flows.  But other times I feel like I'd like to be elsewhere when I am
not finding converstation. My personlity is clearly a factor,
sometimes I'm more outgoing and talkative but I dont think I am
unique.  And I do think there is a related group phenomenon.
How the group has structured the situation can encourage melting/
conversation.  Hopework circles are very successful at hosting
satisfying conversation.

I encourage you to write a few lines about "melting" here.

BTW - The train to Lynn's is coming  and the instructions:
> BUS: Take the 16 or 50 bus...
will need to be modified on Jun 14 when the green LRT line (central
corridor) opens with a stop in front of Lynn's.  I suspect there
will be a day with free rides and celebration as there was for the
Hiawatha line.


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