Invitation to Sunday, April 28 Hopework supper and circle
From: Lynn Englund (
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 09:33:25 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Hopework Friends,

I'm looking forward to April's Hopework supper and circle, the last one for 
this academic year. This year has provided me with many opportunities and 
significant change since my current teaching position ends May 26. Here's a 
brief update on what's happened recently.

February's circle brought together a wonderful group of new and familiar faces. 
The stories that were shared and discussion that followed seemed to strike an 
electric chord with many. The conversation was too rich to be contained and 
went long past our usual ending time, leaving ripples that are probably still 
resonating with many. 

My trip to Denmark (March 15-23) with students was rewarding and all that I had 
hoped for. (It was also the reason the March Hopework event was canceled.) We 
explored Copenhagen by bike and on foot and visited two Danish folk high 
schools and three intentional communities in towns within easy commute by train 
and bus. The experience has made some of my ideas for community life seem more 
attainable; I am eager to pursue them. 

Active recruitment is peaking for Philosophy Camp, the month-long Lives Worth 
Living course (May 28-June 21) and weekly sister course, Catching Lives Worth 
Living. (See Call if you have questions about 
openings. This is one of the most rewarding, valuable, and engaging 
community-building and living-learning experiences that participate in. This is 
our 12th year!

As for next year, I am exploring possible teaching opportunities and 
administrative work at the University, as well as wanting to have more time to 
develop my own community-building and educational interests. The format for 
Hopework may change next fall depending on what emerges. 

Invitation for Sunday, April 28, 4:00-7:00 PM. 
April's Hopework supper and story circle will be held Sunday, April 28. Our 
topic remains reflecting on how we are navigating our journey in the flux of 
life. If you haven't attended a Hopework supper in a while, this is our last 
meeting until fall, and  a great time to share what's new in your life. Bring a 
friend; all are welcome.

In the context of the constant change and flow around us, we rely on a variety 
of devices to guide our decisions and actions. We often must often make them 
"on the fly" and often with little certainty of the outcome we desire or 
knowledge of how it will affect others. Life sometimes presents us with endings 
to accept or new beginnings to live into, whether we wanted them or not. Other 
times we find ourselves motivated to bring about something new or put to rest 
what we are ready to leave behind. April is a month associated with "opening." 
What is opening in you, or in your life? Or perhaps, like our spring, the 
opening you desire has been delayed, or has not yet found the right conditions 
to emerge. I invite you come with a story about how the image of "opening" 
related to your life.

Date: Sunday, April 28, 2013.

RSVP: Please let John or me know by Saturday night (4/27) how many plan to 
attend. Call me at 612-710-7287 or email, and let me know if you have 
questions. I have room for about 12 people around the table (and at least 20 if 
we move it out of the way!)

Time: Arrive at 4:00 pm (or at 3:00 pm if you would like to visit and be on my 
cooking and setup team). The meal will begin at 4:30 pm. We usually finish 
telling stories and cleaning up about 7:00 pm, depending on the size of the 

Menu: Bring a dish or a favorite beverage to share. I'll provide a main dish 
(usually vegetarian) and will make coffee and offer my assortment of teas.

For those of you who are new to this invitation, Hopework is the practice of 
creating spaces for people to get to know and like each other, and to find 
renewed hope and purpose with and from each other. Hopework evenings are a way 
to reconnect with friends who have shared in our work and meet new 
acquaintances who share our interests. Each month we look forward to greeting 
Hopework friends, Philosophy Camp/Lives Worth Living alumni and fellows, and 
welcoming new friends and acquaintances.

This will be the last gathering until fall.

Lynn Englund and John Wallace
The Metro Lofts
2650 University Ave West, #315
Saint Paul, MN 55114
Map and directions:

651-646-0069 (home)
612-710-7287 (cell)

BUS: Take the 16 or 50 bus to "Berry Street" The building is at the stop. 

PARKING: Park on the streets to the south or west of the building and come up 
the back stairs to the main entrance. Parking in the large lot off University 
Ave on the west side of the building is technically for commercial customers 
only, but the risk of being noticed or towed is very low.

BUILDING ENTRY: Push "451" on the security box for John to buzz you into the 
building, or "300" for Lynn. The elevator is to the right of the lobby. Turn 
left on the 3rd floor when you get off; we're in unit 315.

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