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From: Judy Meath (
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 05:19:10 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Lynn and John, Yay! I can attend! I plan to be there at 3:30 to assist in
any way. I am hearing Patty Larkin at the Cedar at 7 p.m. so I will need to
leave by 6:30 -- which I dearly regret. Unfortunately I'll be in Arizona for
the April dinner.

I will bring a meatloaf (pls. let me know if this is out of line and I will
bring roast vegetables)

See you Sunday. Thank you so much.
Judy Meath

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> Dear Hopework Friends,
> A month ago it snowed enough to close the University. This morning
> there's a good rainstorm. The equinox has passed and spring is here!
> Celebrate by attending the next Hopework supper and story circle this
> Sunday, March 27, from 4:00-7:00 PM.
> February's story circle asked participants to share something about
> what it is like to work to bloom in their environment, enrich the
> soil, and improve the climate for ourselves and others. The themes of
> some of the stories that stuck with me focused on shifts in self: in
> meditation there is no self; an annual performance evaluation is all
> about one's self. Pregnancy is an environment to prepare for the birth
> of baby's new self, but also the birth of self as mother. The practice
> of yoga and dancing in an improvisational dance group were associated
> with an incubation of the self.
> I also found provocative questions in many of the stories: Do I bring
> self to an environment I enter, or do I attempt to change self to fit?
> Has frequent repetition and change slowly grown self and improved the
> environment? How do I find the courage to develop self in a new
> cultural environment? If the soil I find myself in is not to my
> liking, is self enough to change it? Do I find the nutrients in the
> manure of my environment? Do I have a trellis to support my growth? Do
> I allow self to give to self and accept what I truly desire? Can I see
> how much I've grown?
> Over many years, I've learned to appreciate the structure that
> seasonal images and metaphors provide for my reflections. The changing
> images and metaphors help me to refract my experiences in new ways and
> become story markers along the journey of life. This month's topic is
> related to the image of freezing and thawing. My friend Gina Coburn
> owns The Three Crows coffee shop in Delano on the bank of the Crow
> River. The threat of a flood is a concern every spring. A year ago,
> the river filled her basement to within a few inches of first floor
> joists. This year the river could flood the building to the windows,
> unless we have a few more days of freezing temperatures at night, a
> slow thaw during the day, and not too much rain. The timing of
> freezing and thaw cycles could start or stop a flood. Repeated freeze
> and thaw cycles break down mountains, create potholes in the roads,
> and set the sap running in the trees. Freezing and thawing make my
> walk treacherously icy in the morning and full of puddles on the way
> home at night. My energies and plans and actions all seem to have
> freeze and thaw cycles. Come on Sunday to share a story of a time when
> you experienced freezing and thawing in your life and the result.
> Date: Sunday, March 27, 2011.
> RSVP: Please let us know by Saturday night (3/26) how many plan to
> attend. Call or email if you have any questions. I have room for about
> 12 people around the table (and at least 20 if we move it out of the
> way!)
> Time: Arrive at 4:00 pm (or at 3:00 pm if you would like to visit and
> be on my cooking and setup team). The meal will begin at 4:30 pm. We
> usually finish telling stories and cleaning up about 7:00 pm.
> Menu: Bring a dish or a favorite beverage to share. I'll provide a
> main dish (usually vegetarian) and will make coffee and offer my
> assortment of teas.
> Topic: Life's cycles of freezing and thawing.
> For those of you who are new, Hopework is the practice of creating
> spaces for people to get to know and like each other and to find
> renewed hope and purpose with and from each other. Hopework' suppers
> and story circle evenings are a way to reconnect with friends who have
> shared in our work and to meet new acquaintances who share our
> interests. Each month we look forward to greeting Hopework friends,
> Philosophy Camp/Lives Worth Living alumni and fellows, and making new
> friends and acquaintances.
> This year we will meet on the 4th Sundays of most months. Please join
> us when you can!
> Future dates: April 17 (Note: 3rd Sunday to avoid Easter;  and last
> Hopework supper until September 2011).
> Lynn
> Lynn Englund and John Wallace
> The Metro Lofts
> 2650 University Ave West, #315
> Saint Paul, MN 55114
> 651-646-0069 (home)
> 612-710-7287 (cell)
> Map and directions:
> Park on University Ave. near Dunn Bros. Metro Lofts' entrance is on
> the east side of the building, just past the Dunn Bros. entrance. (It
> is probably safe to park in the building lot, although it is posted
> for commercial business customers only.)
> Push "451" on the security box to have John buzz you into the building.
> The elevator is to the right of the lobby.
> Turn left on the 3rd floor when you get off; we're in unit 315.
> Lynn Englund
> lynn [at]
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