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I'm coming to the January potluck this Sunday, and so is Tara Slaton!!
Not sure what food I'll bring, but I'm so looking forward to this again.
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   1. Re: Invitation: Hopework Supper, Sunday, January 23 (Fred H Olson)


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On Mon, 17 Jan 2011, Lynn Englund wrote:

> The topic for January's story circle is "sliding." There's been plenty
> of snow for recreational sliding this winter on the slopes, and
> unintentional sliding on icy sidewalks and roads. But I'm also
> intrigued withe the idea of "sliding" as an image for how we get into
> and out of things in life. I suppose the image applies starting at
> birth with our "sliding" into this world and ends with us "sliding"
> out of this life and into what ever is next. We seem to do a lot of
> sliding during our time on Earth as well. What memories does the image
> of "sliding" bring to the surface for you? Please join us on the 23rd
> to share a story of a time when you slid into or out of something in
> life, such as a relationship, a job, a habit, or way of life. I'm
> interested to understand the ways in which we find sliding a useful
> image or way to describe what sometimes happens in life, and to think
> about how it works.
> Date: Sunday, January 23, 2011.

Interesting image - sliding.

Becca and I plan to come and bring my winter squash, egg and cheese

We've already discussed "sliding" as movement ith only minimally
contol by the slider with the example of my sliding into contact with
liberal American Baptists before I started at Iowa State 45+ years ago
which led me to many other progressives...



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