Re: Hopework-l Digest, Vol 51, Issue 1
From: Shanti Pothapragada (
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 18:50:46 -0700 (PDT)
Lynn and John,

I understand your reaction to "driven", but, standing here at twenty-three
years old, "Strolling" also feels too limiting to me.  I'm curious if you
would be more accepting of "Driven to Discover" if we took it to mean the
OED's seventh definition of "drive":

*7.* *Psychol.*    *a.* Any internal mechanism which sets an organism moving
or sustains its activity in a certain direction, or causes it to pursue a
certain satisfaction; a motive principle; any tendency to persistent
behaviour directed at a goal; *esp.* one of the recognized physiological
tensions or conditions of need, such as hunger and thirst.    *b.* Any type
of persistent behaviour or disposition that would lead to the attainment of
a certain goal.

so that the slogan is taken to mean that we feel like we are starving if we
go too long without learning.  Is that an interpretation that you feel okay
working within?

To be clear, I think that "Strolling toward understanding" will make a good
learning circle topic.


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