Fall Hopework dinners start Sunday, Oct. 4.
From: Lynn Englund (lynnhopework.org)
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 19:38:19 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Hopework friends and Philosophy Camp 2009 alumni and fellows,

Welcome to the fall season and the renewal of Hopework's monthly pot-luck suppers. I hope your schedule will permit you to gather with me one or more times throughout fall and winter to share a potluck meal, stories around the circle, and good conversation. Hopework suppers used to be held on the last Sunday of the month; however, John and I have just moved fall suppers to the first Sundays of October, November and December because those dates fit our schedules better. The first Hopework supper will be *Sunday, October 4*, then *November 1*, and *December 6*, 2009.

Next Tuesday is the fall equinox. I am forever fascinated by the sun's changing path in the sky and our change of seasons. I continue to delight in watching the sun rise from a new position on the horizon every day. Looking from my east-facing windows, I check the exact location where it rises every morning and confirm that the sun's march continues from left to right across my view as we move from summer into winter. What is it about the middle of its journey that is so fascinating? Is it just that the sun now rises in the middle of /my/ windows, as if my condo had been designed as a temple to the sun? Or is it the season of fall that is so compelling? Days and nights of equal length, reminders of changes and transformations that have occurred since the last fall (do we ever forget the start of a new grade and a new school year?), and of preparations for the long winter--even if we only get out a sweater or jacket.

The sun now seems to hurry faster on its journey to the south, as if rushing to hide behind the building to the right of my widows where it stays until next April. Today, I wish it would find a reason to linger, to take a long pause and rise in the same due-east location day after day until I feel caught up with my life and have savored these glorious days when the windows stay wide open, luxuriating in mornings cool enough for a sweater and warm evening walks back home.

Please join us for the first fall Hopework supper, Sunday, October 4th.

John and I are pleased to invite you to the first Hopework supper this fall on Sunday, October 4. Hopework is the name that John and I use for the work we do. Hopework is the practice of creating safe spaces for people to get to know and like each other, and finding renewed hope and purpose in life with and from each other. John and I host a monthly pot-luck supper as a way to reconnect with friends who have shared in our work and to meet new acquaintances who share our interests. Each month we look forward to greeting new and long-time Hopework friends, Philosophy Camp/Lives Worth Living alumni and fellows, and other friends and acquaintances who share our interests. Please join us when you can!

Date: Sunday, October 4

Time: Arrive at 4:00 pm; meal will begin at 4:30 pm. (Come at 3:00 pm if you would like to join the cooking team). We usually finish and clean up about 7:00 pm.

Menu: Please bring a dish or a beverage to share. I'll provide a vegetarian soup or main dish and water, tea, and coffee.

Topic: I am interested in examining images of "balance" in life. Instead of the image of two opposing weights balanced against each other, I'm looking for images of the diversity (or sparsity) of the ecology of our lives and how well our own mix is working for us and how we experience opportunities and constraints in adjusting the mix.

Lynn Englund and John Wallace
The Metro Lofts building
2650 University Ave West, #315
Saint Paul, MN 55114

651-646-0069 (home)
612-710-7287 (cell)

Map and directions: http://tiny.cc/FkhvY

Park on University Ave. near Dunn Bros., or in the large lot along the east side of the building. Metro Lofts' entrance is on the east side of the building, just south of Dunn Bros.

Push "300" on the security box to have us buzz you into the building. The elevator is to the right of the lobby. Turn left when you get off on the third floor.


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