Invitation to Hopework Supper, Sunday, April 26
From: Lynn Englund (
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 20:38:39 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Hopework friends,

A few days ago my mother brought me a small bottle of maple syrup made fresh from the sap of trees on her Wisconsin farm property and boiled down to syrup with the love and labor of family members the past few weekends. It's a treasure to receive since I never find time to help with the project during the few weeks when then sap runs. Also, my mother and I have put our brave geraniums out on our decks and they're still blooming even though the nights are cold!

*Last Hopework supper until September 2009 is Sunday at 4 pm!* Topic: healthy foods. Give me a call or send an email if you are coming. See below for details.

The general topic for this year's Hopework dinners has been health. Last month's topic was community health. Fourteen of us gathered tightly around the table last month to share stories that illustrated aspects of health or wellbeing in communities. Many themes emerged and I've recalled only a few here. One that stands out to me was the importance of intergenerational interaction and the presence of children. For adults who do not have children of their own or young children in their lives, the opportunity to nurture and interact with children can provide great joy and satisfaction. Parents can sometimes bring babies and small children into settings with adults and seniors and help young and old feel lively and important. Animals and pets can create positive energy and connections. Another theme focused on the collections of stories that take root within family or community. Examples were stories imbued with messages about what the world is like and how to navigate it; for example, story lines that portray society as a place where people always scheme against you, versus stories that imply that people are generally trustworthy; stories that portray a dangerous world to be protected against, or an exciting place to enter into; a world of fearful and contemptible strangers, or a place of opportunity to build relationships and make friends. Another theme was the capacity for generosity of people helping each other out in times of need not often as a response to the needs of strangers but because of the many ties and connections developed in a community where people interacted with each other in many settings and multiple ways. Another was our capacity to accept each other, warts and all, overlooking our imperfections, defenses, irritating habits, and reactive emotions. And many others that I've not reported.

This Sunday's topic is healthy food. Come with a story, recipe, or dish to share that connects in some way to healthy (or not so healthy) food. I'll have a circle question for after the meal, too.

Hopework is the name that John and I use for the work we do. Hopework is the practice of creating safe spaces for people to get to know and like each other, and find renewed hope and purpose in life with and from each other. John and I host a pot-luck supper on the last Sunday of each month September-November and January-April as a way to reconnect with friends who have shared in our work and to meet new acquaintances who share our interests. Each month we look forward to greeting new and long-time Hopework friends, Philosophy Camp/Lives Worth Living alumni and fellows, and other friends and acquaintances who share our interests. Please join us when you can!

Date: Sunday, April 26

Time: If you like to cook with a crowd and are willing to help set up, come at 3 pm. Everyone else: Arrive at 4:00 pm; meal begins at 4:30 pm. We usually clean up about 7:00 pm. Menu: Please bring a dish or beverage to share. I'll provide my version of a healthy main dish and water, tea, and coffee.

Topic: Healthy foods.

Lynn Englund and John Wallace
The Metro Lofts building
2650 University Ave West, #315
Saint Paul, MN 55114

651-646-0069 (home)
612-710-7287 (cell)

Map and directions:

Park on University Ave. near Dunn Bros., or in the lot along the east
side of the building. The entrance is on the east side of the building,
just south of Dunn Bros. entrance. Push 300 on the security box to have me buzz you into the building. The elevator is to the right of the lobby. Turn left when you get off on the 3rd floor.

Lynn and John

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