Natural building workshop
From: Bryan Burnoski (
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 19:58:06 -0700 (PDT)
Here’s a different way to spend the 4th July weekend for anyone interested in a 
folk school inspired gathering.  
Feel free to pass this information on to others who might also be interested.  
Attached is a flyer that can be printed.

June 29th through July 6th I’ll be holding a natural building workshop in 
Osceola Wisconsin which is about an hour drive north of the Twin Cities. We 
will be constructing a small building out of clay, sand, and straw (called cob) 
and learning the ways in which natural materials can be used for building 
beautifully hand crafted structures.  This workshop will provide a hands-on 
experiential opportunity for folks interested in exploring questions about 
natural building: How is natural building different from green building? What 
are the benefits/drawbacks?  What are the building codes associated with using 
natural materials?  How does building in cold climates differ from building in 
temperate regions? What are the ways in which natural materials inform building 
design decisions? What are the various ways we can live differently by 
designing our homes differently? 

The site for this project is located on a one acre semi-rural homestead, and 
will be a family friendly event.  Meals and camping will be provided.  The cost 
for this event is $95 for the week (if you register before May 25th).  For 
those interested in a more detailed outline of this workshop, or wanting to 
register, or who want to know about other natural building opportunities, 
please contact me:  

Bryan Burnoski 651-428-5493  or  buildswithfeet [at] 

There may also be possibilites for folks wanting to attend but can’t commit to 
the entire week.

Thank you

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