Moving Day is Saturday, Feb. 16!
From: Lynn Englund (
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 10:02:18 -0800 (PST)
Dear friends and family,

As you know, my mother, Joanne Englund, and I have purchased units in the
Metro Lofts building ( at 2650 University Ave
W. Since closing on January 31, we have visited them enough in planning our
move to feel truly excited for the spaces that will become our new homes!

Please share with us this great change in our lives. Help us transition to
new homes and a whole new way of life by helping us pack on Friday, February
15 and move in on Saturday, February 16 -- in any large or small way that
suits you. Come for any part of a day to help us pack boxes; load the van,
drive the van, unload the van; negotiate doors, stairs, and elevators;
unpack the essentials; feed hungry people; and celebrate what we have
accomplished together! Although we can surely use young people with strong
backs to help move, there are many other ways to help that don¹t require
that kind of strength!

Saturday, we will begin loading a moving truck by 9 am at Joanne¹s home at
106 East Cook in St. Paul ( She will be moving only
the furniture and belongings that she wants to take to the condo and will
leave much of the rest for a large sale at her home in early March. When the
van is full, we¹ll head to Metro Lofts to unload, then take a break to eat.
When empty, the van will go to my apartment to pick up furniture and go back
to the condo to unload again. We¹ll finish with a celebration dinner in our
new home and place for community.

Tentative schedule:

Friday, Feb 15 -- Packing and organizing at Joanne¹s and Lynn¹s. Bring a box
and help pack it. Move small stuff in cars to our new units. Help organize
food and beverages for Saturday.

Saturday, Feb. 16 ? Moving day

9am -- Load truck at 106 E. Cook, St. Paul ( )

11:30 am -- Unload truck at 2650 University Ave W, #311 (Joanne¹s) ( )

1:00 pm  -- Lunch in Lynn and John¹s condo, #315

2 pm -- Load truck at 90 Malcolm Ave SE #3, Minneapolis ( )

4 pm -- Unload truck at 2650 University Ave W, #315 (Lynn¹s) ( )

7 pm -- Final circle of thanks and appreciation. Dinner at Joanne¹s.

Lynn and John and Joanne will provide an assortment of drinks and sandwiches
for lunch and lasagna¹s and salad for dinner on Saturday.

Call on Friday and Saturday to check on our progress and to learn where to
find us!

Lynn¹s apartment: 612-331-2263
Lynn¹s cell: 612-710-7287
Joanne¹s home: 651-227-6132
Joanne¹s cell: 651-343-3386
John¹s cell: 612-247-4903

With great anticipation for our new homes and community in a new place,


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