Two Unique Summer Courses and a Mini Movie!
From: Lynn Englund (
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 06:53:19 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Hopework friends,

I want to share our plans for the summer with you. Most of you know that
John, Nance, Peter, and Lynn have taught the residential course titled
³Lives Worth Living: Questions of Self, Vocation, and Community² (Philosophy
4326, also known as ³Philosophy Camp²) at Shalom Hill Farm near Windom, MN,
for the past 5 summers and that we are currently recruiting students for
this year¹s month-long offering. We have two exiting pieces of news to share
with you.

First, we now have a mini movie (1:44 min.) about the course made by GiGi
Mullins based on the 2006 offering. She¹s posted the video on YouTube to
share with the world! We love it and hope you will watch it. You can view it
on YouTube at and on our site at

Next, some of you may not know that we are also recruiting students for a
new course in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction titled ³Family
Lives Worth Living² also to be held at Shalom Hill Farm for three weeks this
July. It is not a course for families, but one that examines family life.

Please share information below with friends and family who may be interested
in attending as students (enrolled at the U of M, at another institution, or
non-degree-seeking) or Visiting Fellows. More about the Fellow¹s
professional development opportunity is at the end of the message below.
Early application is strongly encouraged. Please contact John
(walla003 [at] or Lynn (engl8813 [at] with questions.


The unexamined life is not worth living.

Family life is often taken for granted. After all, we were born into it
without a say, and many circumstances that families face are beyond their
control. Taking time to examine the aims that we hold for family life can
help prepare us for the demands of family life and to be more intentional
about the choices we make that affect family life?now and into the future.


CI 5900-Family Lives Worth Living (Section 5, 3 credits)
Off-campus, daily - 18 days - July 10 - 27, 2007

Family Lives Worth Living doesn't assert how families should live. The
instructional team (family educators and philosophers) invite graduate
students from all majors to a comfortable retreat setting in southwest
Minnesota for an 18-day living-learning experience. We will examine the
lives of families of the past, reflect on current family life issues, and
ask how we can become more intentional about living questions of family

   * Open to undergraduate juniors and seniors and graduate students
      in any major
   * Multicultural experience intended
   * Small community of at most 20 students and 4 instructors in which
      friendships blossom
   * Living-learning community on the prairie of southwest Minnesota
   * Reflective and experiential learning focus
   * Helpful for students who want to reflect on their lives-past,
      present, and future

Course site:

Course enrollment is limited
Interested students should contact the instructor:
      Lynn Englund, engl8813 [at], 612-624-1055

Early application and individualized registration process required

See also: Phil 4326?Lives Worth Living: Questions of
                Self, Vocation, and Community

     Off-campus, daily, May 21 to June 15, 2007 (6 cr.)

Course site:

Professional development opportunity associated with these courses
One-week positions as visiting fellows are available for individuals
interested in experiencing the experiential community approach to learning
used in these courses.

For information on becoming a visiting fellow, see

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