Looking for those interested in learning more focus group facilitation
From: harry greenberg (green713umn.edu)
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 13:33:09 -0700 (PDT)
Metro North- an Adult Basic Education Consortium (made up of nine different sites) is looking for experienced facilitators to lead focus groups */for 90 minutes/* of adult learners to ask them questions pertaining to learner involvement and participation in their educational activities. Commitment includes attending one (4 hour) moderator training session and facilitating up to two 90 minute focus groups during the next year. Each group will have two facilitators-one for scribing/note taking the other for facilitating a series of focus group questions. Either facilitator will be trained to take either role. Moderator training is free and provided by the University of MN Extension Service.

Facilitation Resources, a compilation of guidebooks developed by the extension service can be a tremendous asset to your work in many areas of facilitation. Each volunteer will receive their Volume-_ Understanding Facilitation_, which includes facilitation observation tools, evaluating yourself as a facilitator, coaching reflections tools and more. The book alone is worth thinking more about this opportunity!

If you are interested in empowering adult learners, and learning more about adult learners in general, this might be a great opportunity for you! Please contact harry greenberg (green713 [at] umn.edu <mailto:green713 [at] umn.edu>) or 612 870-9418 for more info if interested!! Moderator training is scheduled for November 21st (PM). It will be 4 1/2 hours.

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