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To my dear, dear friends in Minnesota

I am back in Iceland and I am well.
After having been away from my country for almost
eight months things appear to be familiarly strange,
or maybe strangely familiar, I don't always know
which way it is. But that's fine. I am gradually
settling in. Me and my daughter, Sigridur, are moving
into our old apartment here in Reykjavik. That is
just great! My priorities are clear and simple; live
sparsely, write my thesis and find a part time job.
I went horsebackriding with my mum yesterday - that
was truly enjoyable, and soon my music will be
available to me again. With an wireless connection,
and paperwork and formalities behind, I can move on
to do other things, both mondane and important.

I send you some resent pictures of me and my daughter,

My thoughts are with you all,


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