April 2-4 folk school weekend
From: John Wallace (walla003TC.UMN.EDU)
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 09:43:37 -0600
April 2-4, 2004 folk school weekend
"Learning Circles as a Tool to Build Community"
Philadelphia Community Farm near Osceola, WI,
(50 minutes from Minneapolis in ideal traffic conditions)

Groups seeking to build strong communities can use learning circles as a way
of having discussions in which everyone has a voice, everyone listens and
learns from the experiences and ideas of everyone else, and everyone comes
away from the discussion with a deeper understanding of themselves, of their
co-participants, and of the larger context of their work in the world.

This folk school weekend is for those who have in mind a use for learning
circles--in setting or a project in which they are engaged--and would like
to spend a weekend thinking about, designing, and practicing leading
learning circles.

The overall shape of the weekend retreat will look something like this:

   3:00-6:00 pm -- Arrive, settle, explore, and help prepare for meal
   6:30 pm -- Hearty soup and bread supper, introductions
   8:00 pm -- Evening opening conversation and activities

   7-9 am -- Breakfast bar at your convenience
  9:00 am -- Do a learning circle and reflect on it, the experience of
             listening, and so forth
 12:30 pm -- Lunch
  2:00 pm -- Time for people to prepare designs for their own learning
             circles they will use "back home"
  5:00 pm -- Dinner preparation, meal, and clean up
  8:00 pm -- Small group conversations around each other's learning circle

   8:00 am -- Hearty breakfast
   9:30 am -- Closing circle
  11-12:00 -- Cleanup and leave for home

Folk school retreats invite all participants to trust in the power of
listening and telling our own stories. We aim to slow our pace over the
weekend to listen deeply to others and to make room for our most authentic
selves to speak, trusting that something of use will emerge as we engage in
this process. Our goal is to leave on Sunday feeling rested, rejuvenated,
and graced to find ourselves being more as we leave than when we came.

A special note. The folk school gatherings are intended to bring new
people together and to be open to people who share the values of
stronger communities and are working to build them. We hope this
invitation will reach some people who have not previously taken part in
a gathering sponsored by the folk school group. Please share this
invitation with anyone whom you wish to invite.

SIGNING UP FOR THE RETREAT  Participation in this retreat is capped at
10 adults.  The Log House has four bedrooms and one sleeping loft, so
we are looking basically at two people sharing each sleeping space (not
counting babies) with variations as needed. We are reserving four
places at this retreat for women from last year's May term "Lives Worth
Living" course, who are in process of creating a women's community. Lynn
Englund and John Wallace will also be participating. That leaves 4 open
places for the retreat for people to sleep over in the Log House. There is
room for 6 more people who live nearby and can conveniently sleep in their
own homes and travel back and forth to participate in the retreat
meals, discussions and activities.

REGISTRATION  Please register by Wednesday, March 31, so that some
food can be purchased in advance. Simply e-mail John Wallace
(walla003 [at] umn.edu) or Lynn Englund (engl8813 [at] umn.edu) saying that you
intend to participate and include the following information:

1. Name
2. Food requirements: vegetarian, vegan, other food desires or
3. Telephone numbers for arranging rides, emergency contact
   information, etc.
4. If you are driving, let us know your estimated departure and arrival
   times and whether you will have room for others. If you need a ride,
   indicate the time you can leave and where you need to be picked up
   and dropped off.
5. When we should expect you, if you are unable to arrive by 6 pm or
   need to leave early.
6. Please let us know if you would like to give or receive a scholarship
   and what amount you can contribute or desire. You may pay John during
   the weekend.

ARRIVING AND DEPARTING  We will expect you to arrive by 6:30 p.m. for
dinner on Friday and to stay with us until about noon on Sunday unless
other arrangements are communicated to John or Lynn.

COST  Philadelphia Community Farm  charges $15 per person per night for
lodging . Our group will be buying our own food and preparing our own
meals. Based on the experience of previous workshops, it will cost $15
per person for food for Friday dinner through Sunday brunch.  So, the
total cost is $45 per person for those staying at the Farm, $15 for those
who commute.

Farm has a scholarship fund for students who participate in Hopework Folk
School retreats.  This fund automatically reduces the cost for each student
who participates to $25.

SLIDING FEE To recognize the fact that different people have different
abilities to pay, we offer a self-selected sliding fee, for
non-students, ranging from $20 to $70. What you pay is up to you--there
is no application or review process. If you choose to pay less than
cost ($45), you are accepting a scholarship. If you choose to pay more
than cost, you are providing a scholarship for someone else. For
students, because of the automatic scholarship, the fee range slides
down to $5 to $50.

BANKER John Wallace will serve as the banker for this retreat. Please
make your checks out to him. You may pay at the retreat. If you want to
send a check, please send it to John at 4536 Dupont Avenue South,
Minneapolis, MN 55409.

PERSONAL GEAR AND BEDDING Philadelphia  Farm provides sheets, towels,
and blankets. You won't need to bring your sleeping bag, but do bring
personal toiletries including soap and shampoo.

TRANSPORTATION We encourage car pooling and will help to coordinate
rides.  Please let John or Lynn know if you need a ride or if you can
provide rides. John will put out a summary of who is driving and who
needs a ride so that good travel matches can be made. Also, please let
John know if you would like to caravan with other cars. Allow 3 hours
of travel time from Minneapolis, and up to an hour more if traveling
during rush hour.

MEALS Simple meals are prepared on site by retreat participants. Meals
are often entirely vegetarian, but if not, a vegetarian or vegan option
will be available. Please note any special dietary needs when you

   May 7-9
   June 25-27

Please pencil them in on your calendar.


>From the Twin Cities

Take 35E or 35W north.  Right after 35E and 35W join together again,
take exit 129 for Highway 97 east.  Go east on 97 for about 15 miles
(this is approximate) to Highway 95.  Go north on 95 for about 5 miles.
Turn right on County 243 and cross the bridge over the St. Croix River
into Osceola.  At the stop sigh turn right and go under a railroad
bridge.  Go 200 to 300 yards.  Take the second possible right turn (half
way up hill) onto Ridge Road.  Go 2 miles to a "T" junction (60th
Avenue).  Turn right and go 1/4 mile.  You stay on the paved road which
turns left at this point (note: the dirt road straight ahead goes into
Philadelphia Farm proper, but not the Log house) and continue south on
the paved road for 1.7 miles. Just after 45th Avenue, look for the for the
sign for Fire Road # 438 by a driveway on your left. The driveway leads to
the Log House,  which is set back from the road, behind a row of young white


If you are delayed or get lost, try Lynn's cell phone, (612) 710-7287.
You may also call Philadelphia  Farm. Phone: (715) 294-4048, or the
Log House (715) 294-4411.

Philadelphia Community Farm
579 280th Street
Osceola, WI 54020

John Wallace
Department of Philosophy
University of Minnesota
(612) 624-5210
FAX (612) 626-8380
walla003 [at] tc.umn.edu

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