Impressions of Shalom Hill retreats
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Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 12:45:42 -0600
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It's impossible to appreciate a Hopework retreat at Shalom Hill Farm
without going on one but this 3 screen / 7 linked photo essay is an
attempt to convey a bit more of what the retreats are like.

I've only been on one retreat but expect to make it again.  It's a great
place and tho it's a journey from the Twin Cities, it is more than another
physical place. A different way of relating to each other and to time
prevails there.  You're too far from home to dash off to a pressing
engagement.  Relax and enjoy the engaging environment that fellow
participants create.

The newer part of the facilities at Shalom Hill Farm are built on several
levels on / into a side hill and yet much of them are wheel chair
accessible - sleeping rooms farthest down the hill are less accessible.
It's a bit hard to visualize without 3d drawings.
Here is a picture from outdoors looking up the hill that shows room levels
and Commons room (top).

One consequence of the layout is great views across the farm land from
most rooms.  Here's one of  Sheep pasture and Red Rock water towers.
At night you can see widely spaced light of towns and farms in the

Much of the discussion at takes place with people comfortably seated in a
circle. Imagine being in the middle of that circle and turning around and
taking a picture every 45-90 degrees.  This is part of what you might see.
Note the great views out the window in the background.
Here's a typical view from another retreat:

Sometimes one participant will give a presentation and there is time and
great spaces for individual reflection and study:

Informal talk between over drinks:

Shared kithen duties makes it a hub of interaction:

Fred 12/17/03

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